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Can you collect all of the fragments, solve the mysteries, and find your way to a happy ending? In this mysterious otome game, play as a protagonist (name customizable but "Xani" by default) struggling to cope with the hand life as dealt you. Your mother's death was a tragedy, and left you cynical and numb to the world. Now, though, greater challenges are piling up fast - and it all begins when you find out you are not entirely human.
The disappearance of a friend. A sudden attack that leaves you wounded. Mysterious characters entering and leaving your life. Growing bonds. Coming to terms with what exactly "humanity" is... Please. Find a happy ending. Don't let tragedy be the only option.
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Title: Heart Fragment
Release: 2021-07-30
Length: 25 hours
Developer: HF Gaming
Publisher: HF Gaming
Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Yuri, Otome



File Name : Heart Fragment
File Size : 790 MB
Password : visual_novel_lovers