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“Hey, wake up, how long are you going to sleep?"A young girl with blond hair and red pupils was sitting on a chair, looking at me proudly, rubbing her eyes. The girl said she was an angel sent from heaven to save my lonely soul. She told me that I could do whatever I wish to her from now on. "Whether it's a sex thing or anything ..... is fine!"
I had been single for 30 years and had never even touched a girl's hand, but it all came so suddenly ..... How was I going to get along with this girl? The world became increasingly strange and bizarre since this girl appeared. What on earth was going on in the world?
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Title: Devil Girl
Release: 2021-02-19
Length: 10-30 hours
Developer: BananaKing, 台灣香蕉王
Publisher: PlayMeow Games, Lewd Formosa
Genre: Romance, Simulation



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