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Halfway through the 21st century, we are surely approaching something called the “network golden age”. The Multi-purpose communication card “Orca” provides a phone network (that goes without saying), an overwhelming number of apps to use allowing one to shop from their home telephone, and even a way to receive school lessons.
Even IDs and the health insurance cards are all incorporated into the Orca card. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that one’s entire life is influenced by this one small card.
I, Hayami Taiyou, lives in a city that supports cutting-edge Orca cards, also a student of Makoto Advanced Academy (something like this city has the best ones).
Blessed with friends, and although i have no large problems occur in my daily life…… A bug occurred in some students’ Orca card after a sudden automatic update was applied. An unusual app called “Cocoro Function” was installed. And it seems I was one of them, and apparently due to this app, my inner thoughts are revealed to the people around me.
“Chairman! Bad News!” “What’s wrong? (But, I would never get tired of groping your bouncing boobs)” “Chairman! You pervert!”
You can’t delete the app, but on the other hand you couldn’t live without Orca either. After that, it was impossible to hide my erotic delusions. Furthermore, apparently there are other apps at school that have special features that are also causing problems. The troubles in school are gradually building up.
I had to do something, and with that in mind, I gathered a group of people also bothered by this mysterious app, and started up the Cocoro Function Countermeasure Committee (CFC), in order to try to solve the problem.
Can everyone else and I retain our peaceful school life!?!


TitleCocoro@Function! Aliasesココロ@ファンクション ! Play timeLong DeveloperPULLTOP PublishersPULLTOP GenreSchool, Comedy, Romance Age rating18+
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