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You play as Makoto, a student who never attends the lectures at the school. As a punishment, you have to attend an extra seminar on an island with other classmates. However, when you arrive on the island, strange things start happening. A girl is found dead on April 6th, with a small bell in her hand.
Immediately after that, you found yourself in the bed and see the date - April 1st! Was the vision of the girl just a dream, or do you possess a power to predict events? This is what you will have to find out, as a series of strange deaths make your seminar much more suspenseful than you have thought.
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Title: Never7 -The End of Infinity-
Release: 2001-10-26
Length: 10-30 hours
Developer: KID, Regista
Publisher: KID, Success, CyberFront, DMM, MAGES. GAME
Genre: Action, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Sci-fi



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File Size : 1,3 GB
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