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This visual novel is a 2-in-1 combo featuring two stories where both heroines have black hair. The first story is an exploration of the philosophy of free will in an infinite loop. The second story is a mystery VN about memory loss and its relation to love.
If I can start all over, I prefer not to be a princess inside a cage. Boy meets girl in the library. She looks just like the girl in his dreams. Together, they worked hard to create a virtual utopia. "That's how Brave New World i' was born. What's real and what's virtual? The cycle continues, where philosophy and delusions intertwine. A story about freedom and love.
Boy meets girl under the drizzle and fireworks A summer that only belongs to them. A past that begins to revolve again. A boy without a past, Sheng, returns to his hometown, to uncover what was once lost. Instead, it was love at first sight when he saw her. At the Summer festival, he shyly confesses, she nods. However, the next day, she already forgot about him. Are memories really playing tricks on him?
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Title: Black Hair Girl is Best Girl
Release: 2021-07-07
Length: 10-30 Hours
Developer: Never Knows Best
Pubilsher: Kikai Digital, Never Knows Best
Genre: Drama, Romance, Mystery



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File Size : 696,1 MB
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