How to use Textractor with DevTools

 If you have some problem when using the other steps for translating visual novel (This steps), then you can use this alternative tools.

This method is actually almost the same as before, but the difference is, this extension has been merged directly in Textractor (So you don't need to add it to the browser manually anymore)

1. Download Textractor here (The downlod is in the "Release" section")
2. Make sure you have "Google Chrome" browser installed.
3. Open the Visual Novel you want to play.
4. Open Textractor (x86).
5. Open Extension, delete "Google Translate" .
6. Add Extension, select "DevTools DeepL Translate"
7. In the "Google Chrome File Location" Browse and select you Google Chrome exe file.
(Seems likely in C:\program files\google\chrome\application\chrome.exe).
8. Click start Devtools "Make sure Devtools status = ConnectedState).
9. Drag the "DevTools DeepL Translate" to the upper list in Extension (Make sure is on the top list of extension).
10. Attach to game to your visual novel process.
11. Play your Visual Novel until the text or discussion appear.
12. Choose the correct Hook with your Visual Novel text in the menu bar
13. Done, just change the window style as you like.


If you have some problem i recommend you to ask on my Youtube channel or VNL Discord.