Ikinari Succubus ~Icha Love Sakusei Life~ Free Download


The protagonist is an ordinary male student. He is woken up every morning by his childhood friend Nemu, who lives next door, and goes about his daily life as usual.
One day, he has a dream in which he is attacked by a succubus. One day, she has a dream that she is attacked by a succubus, and when she wakes up, she finds Nemu giving her a blowjob, just like in her dream!
The truth is that Nemu is from a family of succubus, and although she has been awakened She is still unstable and needs a steady supply of semen to keep her shape.
You can't ask her to do anything else, so she begs you. And so the life of squeezing semen began.


Title: Ikinari Succubus ~Icha Love Sakusei Life~
Length: 10 Hours
Developer: ZION
Genre: Romance



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