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Royal Cendrillon Academy.
To fulfill a promise, the protagonist Takita Shunsuke enrolled in the attendant department. There, they are tasked to serve a student from the royal department as part of their extracurricular activities, attending to all kinds of princesses.
"Or, that was how it was supposed to be---"
Committing a blunder on the day of the entrance ceremony, Shunsuke now faces the threat of repeating a year halfway into the school year. The girl he exchanged a childhood promise with, Bernadette Henrietta Eiselston The son of a royal prince with a secret, Anri Francis La Bernard The young lady of a large corporation with an eccentric tongue, Sasara Orihime The mild-mannered classmate, Shirokama Naomi
Obtaining the aid of various people, Shunsuke traces the path toward becoming a full-fledged attendant.
All for the sake of the "promise" he once made.


TitleGlass Hime to Kagami no Juusha Aliasesガラス姫と鏡の従者 Play timeLong DeveloperGiga PublishersGiga GenreRomance Age rating18+
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