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Kokoro no Katachi to Iro to Oto - Hulotte Roi

Shiki Tsukimori was born with a mysterious power that allowed him to see and hear the minds of others. It could be a direct voice, a mood, or a color, but in any case, Shiki was able to see things that should have been invisible, and as a result, he has had a rough childhood. One day, he meets Harune Hoshina, whose heart he can't read. Shiki becomes interested in Harune, and the two eventually become lovers. This is the first time Shiki has been able to feel truly happy. Shiki wants to know more about Harune's heart but he's also afraid to know more and it ends up affecting his relationship with Harune. Will Shiki and Harune be able to overcome this ordeal and be truly happy?


TitleKokoro no Katachi to Iro to Oto Aliasesココロのカタチとイロとオト Play timeShort DeveloperHulotte Roi PublishersHulotte Roi GenreRomance Age rating18+
Japanese Version
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