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Jindou-- it's a near-future sport where you fight with real swords that's really hot in Japan in the 2040s. Two girls enrolled into Murakumo Academy, where said Jindou is taught-- One is "Kazamine Setsugekka", a rough and emotionally-driven girl who bolsters her blade with the unparallelled strength within her. The other is "Suzakuin Momiji", a cool headed and incredibly precise girl with a prodigious sense for swordplay and a frightingly sharp mind. These two, whose circumstances and personalities are completely different, both aim for the the title conferred upon the strongest in the academy-- the "Toujinegi".
The protagonist, Muragaki Iori, is invited to the academy as a temporary teacher and is ordered to be the sub homeroom tutor of the special top class "Takamura", which Setsugekka and Momiji are a part of. However, the students in this Takamura class... turned out to all be incredibly troublesome kids! There's "Kuki Asahi", a girl who has a serious and calm personality, but goes on fanatical rampages when it comes to Iori; and "Tobe Ririmu", an incredibly selfish gyaru who believes her "self" only belongs to herself.
Just will Iori be able to successfully guide these incredibly "unique" students? Just who will receive the title of the strongest in the academy, the "Toujinegi"? And in whom will the light of love for Iori be lit?


TitleAkatsuki Yureru Koi Akari Aliases紅月ゆれる恋あかり Play timeMedium DeveloperCRYSTALiA PublishersCRYSTALiA GenreRomance, Action Age rating18+
Japanese Version
Akatsuki Yureru Koi Akari [JP] Size: 2,8gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers
Akatsuki Yureru Koi Akari [JP] Size: 2,8gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers