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Ren'ai x Royale - ASa Project

"I, the new transfer student Hanamaru Mari, like Komachi Hirotaka! Please go out with me!"
Being agitated by his juniors; Hitting on the student council president; Chasing after idols. The protagonist who lives every day carelessly, Komachi Hirotaka.
In the midst of that kind of daily life, a sudden confession... Her brief statment became the impetus which started the conflict that would engulf the dumbfounded protagonist.
"Why are you ignoring me and being lovey-dovey with these random women!? Are you saying you don't care about me anymore!?"
"Senpai... you know you can always tell Renna anything... anything at all."
"Is the reason Onii-san won't pay attention to me because of all these floozies surrounding him?"
Largely without the person being fought over knowing about it, an underhanded and petty battle royale for true love unfolds between the 4 girls! Whom shall the Goddess of Victory smile upon!?


TitleRen'ai x Royale Aliases恋愛×ロワイアル Play timeMedium DeveloperASa Project PublishersASa Project GenreComedy, School, Romance Age rating18+
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