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Shiki Yuuto is normal student living with his imouto-like maid Toune in a big Europe residence built by his ancestors from long time ago. However, he hides a big secret from everyone. He is actually descendant of branch family from a lineage of high class wizards which moved to Japan hundred years ago. Despite being a shabby wizard, he used to help people with magic while chasing the "Bad Wizard" as duty given to head of clan, but now he is just lazy around and doesn't care much about magic anymore.
One day, while he is cleaning the old church behind his house, a mystery blonde hair wizard who suddenly crashes into the church and is helped by his classmate Setsuna who "happens to be there by chance". The wizard introduces herself as Riz Mathers and claims to be his relative from the head family in British who comes to be his master. This fateful encounter between the three of them will unfold a bitter sweet story about their youth.


Title: Seishun Fragile
Length: 30 Hours
Developer: Purple Software
Pubilsher: Purple Software
Genre: Comedy, Drama, School



File Name : Seishun Fragile
File Size : 4 GB
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