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The protagonist, Toono Yuu, is a junior at Kazami Academy, At the age of puberty and youth. But...
"Youth? What's that? You know, I'm busy with my part-time job."
Yuu is a hard-core realist who uses his youth to the fullest at his part-time job. He excels academically and works tirelessly at his job to support himself. His hobby is checking his bank account balance. Not being able to ignore this, his childhood friend Hibiki and a classmate who looks up to him, Riri, decided to try to reform his life by getting him involved in a club.
Hibiki, a bubbly girl, suggested he join the Act Club, short for the Activity Club, whose motto is "Let us have fun enjoying our youth in school!"
Riri, a serious girl, recommended him the Volunteer Club, commonly called the Negative Club, whose slogan is "Let's spend our youth making the world a better place".
Each club is determined to recruit Yuu. "Neither club is appealing to me. Youth is unnecessary for me in the first place." But despite his protests, the girls keep dragging him around daily. How in the world did this happen?
"That type of thing hasn't been decided yet, has it?" "Get ready! Soon you'll enjoy your youth!"
What kind of adolescence awaits Toono Yuu!?


TitleKakenuke Seishun Sparking! Aliasesかけぬけ★青春スパーキング! Play timeLong DeveloperSAGA PLANETS PublishersSAGA PLANETS GenreRomance, School Age rating18+
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