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Yuuri arrives at Chichijima island, looking for his former girlfriend Tamaki, seeking closure to their withered relationship. After entering the high school Tamaki became an actress, and they slowly drifted apart, but never said proper farewell. Then suddenly she has retired, and apparently retreated to the "Sunset station" hotel on Chichijima.
On the way to the hotel, Yuuri meets Eri - a shy girl who dreams to be voice actress. In order to pursue that dream, she wants to try working at local radio.
Indeed - former "Sunset Station" hotel is now the home of the Bonin FM station. And it seems that station is on the verge of closing down. Tamaki is also there, but she's in pretty miserable state.
Yuuri needs a place to stay, Eri wants to be VA, and Tamaki needs a place where she can recover - so in order to keep the station alive, three young people start to live there together, and make their own radio show.


TitleAno Hi no Tabibito, Fureau Mirai Aliasesあの日の旅人、ふれあう未来 Play timeShort DeveloperPULLTOP PublishersPULLTOP GenreSlice of life Age ratingAll Ages
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