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Every day Yuuma does the same routine, travelling between his home and work. There were no opportunities to meet someone and fall in love, and only loneliness awaited him when he came home from work.
One snowy day in early January, Yuuma found an older girl in a maid uniform collapsed in front of his house. Her name was Eve and she told him that from that day she would be there to comfort him from the stress of daily life.


TitleMaid-san no Iru Kurashi Aliasesメイドさんのいる暮らし Play timeShort DeveloperAzarashi Soft PublishersLove Lab GenreRomance Age rating18+ Fan translatorShabadabada Project
Japanese Version
Maid-san no Iru Kurashi [JP] Size: 973mb | Password: visual_novel_lovers
English Version
Maid for Loving You [ENG] Size: 919mb | Password: visual_novel_lovers
Indonesian Patch
Maid-san no Iru Kurashi Indonesian Patch Size: 3mb | Fan Translation By: Shabadabada Project