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Forty years after SHUFFLE!, a catastrophe threatened to tear all worlds apart. However, thanks to certain individuals from the three worlds who jointly halted the calamity, bringing peace back to the three worlds.
59 years later, we join our protagonist Raito Aioi, who lives with her cousin, Kohaku Anjou. It was a typical day at the start of summertime. However, such peaceful daily life is quickly interrupted by the appearance of the god princess Lithia and the demon princess Nelia. They come to the Verbena National Academy, where he attends and declared:
"I came here to separate the gods and humans," says Lithia, while Neria smirks, "I will take your life."
Then, Limes, who met by chance, comes to stay at Raito's house, and Kirara Kinoshita, a junior who adores Kohaku, also joins the fray.
Raito's ordinary daily life suddenly becomes so lively. Yet, as Raito spends time with these girls, he learns the secrets they hold in their hearts.


TitleShuffle! Episode 2 AliasesSHUFFLE! エピソード2~神にも悪魔にも狙われている男~ Play timeMedium DeveloperNavel PublishersNavel GenreDrama, School Age rating18+
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