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Secret Agent ~Kishi Gakuen no Shinobi Naru Mono~ - ensemble

Mikage Jin, the protagonist, is a descendent of a family of ninjas who have been tasked with defending Japan ever since the Edo period. He is in training both to become an expert in the ninja arts and to eventually succeed his mother as a secret intelligence operative.
He was deployed, undercover, to Fuyuka Academy in order gather information that will resolve an incident popularly known as the “Turncoat Affair” that had been making waves among the public.
Along with his AI partner, Momoka, Jin infiltrates the academy, and deepened his relationship with his classmate, Kanon Mayfield, a knight, Shirogane Kagura, the knight captain, Renjouji Mai and underclassman Amenomori Yui while carrying out his mission with the utmost discretion.
However, by freak accident, Jin’s true identity was revealed to Kanon. Though Jin having his identity revealed meant his mission was a failure...
“Please make me a ninja!”
In return for keeping his identity a secret, Kanon asked him to make her into a ninja!
Only time will tell if Jin will be able to successfully carry out his mission.


TitleSecret Agent ~Kishi Gakuen no Shinobi Naru Mono~ AliasesSecret Agent~騎士学園の忍びなるもの~ Play timeLong Developerensemble PublishersNekoNyan GenreAction, Sports, School Age rating18+
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