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——As lovers. It's been one year since the protagonist and Rein met. It's now the spring of their third year at school.
For the first time, they're in the same class, in adjacent seats. Everyday is a chain of new and blissful events, keeping their hearts racing from their "first love".
And now, it's the summer holidays. The two of them are going to attend summer school; it's being held is San Francisco... where Rein was born... her homeland.
An unexpected event results in the two of them sharing a room, bringing their "fresh and innocent" limited-time cohabitation life to a start———
——As husband and wife. The protagonist and Rein have married and have set out as husband and wife. Between them was born their beloved daughter.
It's quite a lot of work raising a kid, but she returns to them an even greater share of happiness.
Their precious family is always by their sides. Their precious friends are always watching over them. And that's why they can keep walking looking straight ahead.
"Darling... I want a second one soon"
This is a story packed with such "exasperating amounts of happiness" and "being moved by one's family".


TitleTsuki no Kanata de Aimashou: Sweet Summer Rainbow Aliases月の彼方で逢いましょう SweetSummerRainbow Play timeMedium Developertone work's Publisherstone work's GenreRomance, Slice of life Age rating18+
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