Toki o Tsumugu Yakusoku Free Download


It was late spring when Hayato arrived at the remote hot spring town of Yunohara with his daughter Miria to start a new job at the traditional inn Kusakabe-an. Hayato has a special magic ability, but since it can only be used within 10 seconds, it’s not really useful to him. Freed from a rough upbringing in an orphanage, he was glad to finally start a new life, working at the inn while attending school. He met many supportive people in the school and town, including the daughter of the inn owner, Misaki. However, these halcyon days would soon be shattered when the orphanage director came to take Miria away.


Title: Toki o Tsumugu Yakusoku
Length: 30 Hours
Developer: Applique & Akatsuki Works
Pubilsher: Applique & Akatsuki Works
Genre: School, Slice of life, Drama



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