Shirogane x Spirits! Free Download


Touji came to Kamishiro upon the last request of his late grandfather and iaido master. When he exited the station, he saw a single schoolgirl with a sword amidst a defeated mob of opponents. This was part of “Kamishiro Battle Live”, an annual media-sponsored battle event between the eight schools with the victor gaining control of the city. Setsuna brought him to Oubu Gakuen and recommended him to the student council. Impressed with his iaido technique, the student council leader invited him to join, but he had no desire to fight. However, when she told him that he would be able to live in the student council’s exclusive dormitory, he immediately changed his mind. Thus, the curtain has lifted on this fierce and fun battle stage with unique allies and opponents.
“Because it’ll be much more fun with you.”


Title: Shirogane x Spirits!
Length: 30 Hours
Developer: Giga
Pubilsher: Giga
Genre: Action, School



File Name : Shirogane x Spirits!
File Size : 6,2 GB
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