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Once upon a time, the Great Founding Alchemist guided the people from a world where everything turned to dust to the new continent of Archeus. It is a harmonious and fertile land protected by man-made gods called ‘Soushin’ (Gods of Creation), created by spinning the ‘laws’.
However, after a long time passed, the ‘Dust’ also began to encroach on Archeus. The ‘Soushin’ were driven mad and turned into ‘Gods of Calamity’, spawning monsters that wrecked havoc on the land and threatened the populace.
They would not sit idly by while the world was gradually swallowed the ‘Dust’, and a group of alchemists gathered at the top alchemist school, Cagliostro Academy, to attempt to continue the miracle from the past.


TitleSoushin no Ars Magna Aliases創神のアルスマグナ Play timeVery Long Developerninetail PublishersPGN Games GenreFantasy, RPG Age rating18+
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