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Ore no Sugata ga, Toumei ni!? Invisible to Suuki na Unmei - Hulotte

"Directions: Take the proper dosage to become invisible!"
The protagonist, Matsuyuki Haruki, was watching a stream of a popular virtual net idol when suddenly a raffle was held for all the viewers. What was to be the reward?
"I will gift the winner with the right of having a~nything they want come true!"
Having nothing to lose, Haruki entered the raffle and, against all odds, won!
“I’ll be coming over right now. Looking forward to meeting you!♪”
At that moment his doorbell rang and it was the virtual net idol Kuzunoha Chitose herself waiting at his front door. She handed Haruki some mysterious pills.
"Um, what are these...?"
“I shall explain! They’re pills that will make you invisible! Yay! Let me know how it goes~!”
She left with a smile just as quickly as she had arrived, leaving him at a loss for words. Even though he had his doubts, he tried it out immediately and was shocked to find that he could no longer see himself in a mirror!
Next he snuck in and spied on his cousin Ame taking a bath. She had been rather distant to him lately, but while he was freely admiring her amazingly sexy and well-developed body...
"I love you, Nii-san."
Hearing her confession, he unthinkingly reached out and touched her! When he did so, the invisibility effect wore off!
While both flirting with her and being scolded by her, they together check the directions on the drugs...
-Effects: Bodily invisibility -Dosage: Max of one capsule per day -Caution: In the event that you touch another person's body, the effects will immediately end
Haruki, who was a constant thrill-seeker, couldn't contain his excitement at what he knew would be the thrill of a lifetime. Ame, however, was going to fight tooth and nail to turn him back into a respectable human being.
So begins his adventures of getting chewed out by cousin and fellow classmates, while having a roaring good time.
This is the heart-warming story of a supernatural youth. (Or is it?)


TitleOre no Sugata ga, Toumei ni!? Invisible to Suuki na Unmei Aliases俺の姿が、透明に!? 不可視の薬と数奇な運命 Play timeLong DeveloperHulotte PublishersHulotte GenreSchool, Romance Age rating18+
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