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One day Shiki Haruhiko came to his senses in an unknown place.
Soon he learns that this is the Starlight Academy that exists only at night, and that it is impossible to escape from here.
He comes to know four girls who came here from different worlds, and becomes their teacher. Another girl who calls herself "witch" suddenly appears and tells him that he must make the four girls graduate to fulfill their wishes to be able to return to his world himself.
A girl from a world of endless war, Migiwa Fuyu.
A girl from a world where machines manage humans lives, a world without any conflict, Sumeragi Natsuno.
A girl from a world where people fight demons with swords and magic, Avril Poisson.
And a girl who lost her memories, Aki.
His four students are different from ordinary humans, with disordered senses of values and self-awareness. It may be more than Haruhiko can handle, so in order to gain confidence he declares: "I, the wizard of Oz, will grant your wishes!"


TitleTsukiakari Lunch Aliases月あかりランチ Play timeMedium DeveloperEx-One PublishersEx-One GenreMystery, Magic, Romance Age rating18+
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