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There is a ‘Wishing Crystal’ in the fairy world which can grant any wish. The fairy Nyaron stole it for himself, but he carelessly broke it and the fragments scattered to the human world. The Fairy King summoned Nono to head there to recover the fragments.
One day, Masato and his imouto Yuna picked up a strange jewel and was attacked by Nyoron, who tried to steal the shard from them. Nono rushed to their aid, and after Yuna transformed as instructed by Nono, they were able to fight him off and seal the fragment. Afterwards, Nono asked for their help in capturing Nyoron and gathering the remaining pieces, and Masato decided to lend a hand to Yuna, who had readily agreed.
They began the search with his classmate Shiori and Yuna’s friend Hinata, but Nyoron and his new allies stood in their way. Who will gain control of the Wishing Crystal?


TitleAnimal☆Panic Aliasesあにまる☆ぱにっく Play timeMedium DeveloperLump of Sugar PublishersQuince Soft GenreSchool, Romance Age rating18+
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