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Spring needs to be a more fun season!!!
Getting deceived by an evil woman, having a had debt made by my parents who ran away at night... After a consecutive streak of trouble I was unable to decide on what to do after graduating. But then, I was helped by my kind relatives who introduced me to a local specialty school where I enrolled.
"This time I'll will enjoy my life!!" And full of expectation in my chest, I reached the "Hidamari Dorm".
It turned out that it was a dorm where only women live in. It must be the place for my fateful encounter...! Is what I thought, but naturally, everyone was wary of me as the only man...! But I won't give up...! This time, this spring, I will definitely enjoy myself!!


TitleSugar * Style Aliasesシュガー*スタイル Play timeLong DeveloperSMEE PublishersNekoNyan GenreRomance, Comedy, Slice of life Age rating18+
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