One day, my house burned down. I was able to let my younger sister, Suzuka, who lived with me, stay at her school dormitory, but I was left with no job and no real place to live. Meanwhile, I was offered a job as a live-in caretaker of the girls' dormitory.
I could take care of my sister, have a roof over my head, and earn some money.
There's no way I would refuse!
So I jumped at the opportunity, and started helping out at a crepe café attached to the dormitory as well. Even though it is a lot of hard work, as long as I get paid, then I'm fine with it.
"An alluring girl who seems to know me in the past." "An inexperienced group living younger sister." "An attention-seeking monster woman." "The dorm leader who secretly wants to be spoiled." "An all-time carefree and laidback gyaru." "A weary of living older sister."
Surrounded by girls with various personalities, but it's all right. Because I will take care of everyone!!
*The protagonist is nameable.


TitleLOVEPICAL-POPPY! Aliasesラブピカルポッピー! Play timeMedium DeveloperSMEE PublishersSMEE GenreSchoool, Romance Age rating18+
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