Happy Live, Show Up: Encore!!

Happy Live, Show Up: Encore!! - FAVORITE

Akito Yukihara, a second-year student at Raikasuk Academy, and his Poka Poka group visited the capital city of Gran Glade on the Marble Railway. On their journey, Akito is reunited for the first time in two years with his sister apprentice Miyabi Asahina, who had trained under the same master.
Miyabi tells him of her secret feelings that she realized after losing him. Akito accepts it, although he is puzzled. Miyabi then suggests that Akito spend some time in Elfburg, where they used to live together, even if it is only for a vacation.
A few weeks later, Akito visits his former master's house where Miyabi also lives. The summer vacation with Miyabi now begins...


TitleHappy Live, Show Up: Encore!! Aliasesハッピーライヴ ショウアップ アンコール!! Play timeShort DeveloperFAVORITE PublishersFAVORITE GenreRomance, Slice of life, Magic Age rating18+
Japanese Version
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