Giiga ~Fanluge†Qliphoth~

Giiga ~Fanluge†Qliphoth~ - LiLiM

A protagonist, Hayata, thought that he is a normal person living a normal life. He spent his lively school days with everyday friends and circle, he would graduate, enter university, find a good job, marry someone, etc. He thought that he would be following the path of those living the so called normal lives.

However, a single request on that day would change it forever.

"I request the investigation of whether there is a ghost at the old school building." To verify the rumor, Hayata's childhood friend, Toko, who is a president of the student council and had formed the "Request Room", ordered the members to begin the investigation. All members went into the old building to look for any abnormalities to ensure the requester... That was how it supposed to be, but the existence of the "monsters" were real, and they began to attack the council members.


TitleGiiga ~Fanluge†Qliphoth~ Aliases戯ィ牙 ~ファンリューゲ†クリフォト~ Play timeMedium DeveloperLiLiM PublishersLiLiM GenreAdventure Age rating18+
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