Asuka-san wa Nabikanai

Asuka-san wa Nabikanai - Azarashi Soft

The heroine is the student council president of a certain school.
She is beautiful, attractive, intelligent, and possesses exceptional motor skills as if heaven endowed her with not just two but five or six desirable attributes. She is truly a flower on a high peak and has rejected innumerable male confessions.
As a commoner, I thought she was the kind of woman who was way out of my league......
"Hey, Asuma!"
As I walked down the corridor after school, a teacher called out to me, and as I was about to respond, I heard a woman's voice behind me. I turned around and saw the student council president, who is also nicknamed "Ice Princess."
"No, the one that I called is "Asuma"."
Her clear white cheeks turned red in an instant. It was the first time that I saw her face like that.
"E.. Excuse me!!"
Then I learned that her name is Shishidou Asuka, and it began with a notebook that I picked up at the time that made me get noticed by the student council president.


TitleAsuka-san wa Nabikanai Aliasesアスカさんはなびかない Play timeShort DeveloperAzarashi Soft PublishersAzarashi Soft GenreRomance Age rating18+
Japanese Version
Asuka-san wa Nabikanai [JP] Size: 1,5gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers
Asuka-san wa Nabikanai [JP] Size: 1,5gb | Password: visual_novel_lovers