Aikagi ~After Days~

Aikagi ~After Days~ - Azarashi Soft

Nozomu and his childhood friend Shiori became lovers after the Christmas confession. They had been attending the same university since the following spring, and then their first summer as a couple arrived. Despite being childhood friends, they had not spent their summer vacations together for a while. Nozomu proposed that they make plans to fully enjoy this summer to make up for all their past years apart, and Shiori readily went along with it.
A two-month long summer vacation. The first summer for just the two of them. Dressed in light clothes and swimsuits, he saw another side of her that was different from winter, and his heart began to race once more.
“This summer feels like it’ll be a fun one…!”


TitleAikagi ~After Days~ Aliasesアイカギ ~アフターデイズ~ Play timeShort DeveloperAzarashi Soft PublishersAzarashi Soft GenreRomance, Slice of life Age rating18+
Japanese Version
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