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Kurano-kunchi no Futago Jijou - CUBE

The 8-person Kurano household that runs the cafe Apple Pie has three sets of twins. The oldest pair is the reliable Izumi and the sporty Mikoto, followed by Kazuya and his tsukkomi-type twin Tomoka. The youngest twins are the Yamato Nadeshiko-like Yae who’s great at housework, and the ‘so cute you can’t help but hug her’ Ema. They get along well even if their parents fight constantly. However, one summer day, their parents’ arguments had escalated to divorce! His mother gained custody of Kazuya and only one of the 5 daughters. Thus begins the struggle among his sisters to be with the brother that they all love so very much.


TitleKurano-kunchi no Futago Jijou Aliases仓野家的双子事情 Play timeMedium DeveloperCUBE PublishersCUBE GenreRomance, Slice of life, Comedy Age rating18+
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