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A year has passed since the Demon King Gibeon, the embodiment of tyranny, was defeated by the Six Heroes.
King Gortain, one of the Six Heroes, saw the surviving demons and numerous demi-humans as a threat and suppressed them through cruel persecution and discrimination. The Demon King's daughter Lapis, the last survivor of the royal lineage, visits a man living in the royal capital outskirts together with her maidservant Kalmia with the intention of restoring the now-ruined demon capital Margurd.
The shopkeeper of a run-down fruit store Shigure has another side to him; A "fixer" who will take on any and all commissions provided the price is right.
"Lend me your strength and help me gather the seven Mara Crystals!".
The desires of the demon King's orphaned scion and the ninja from distant lands entwine with each other.
And thus, the rebuild of the demon king's castle at the hands of Lapis and Shigure begins.


Title: Maoujou Re:build!¡
Length: Unknown
Developer: Astronauts: Sirius
Pubilsher: Astronauts
Genre: Fantasy, RPG



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File Size : 2,5 GB
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