Koiyasumi ~Yuudachi ni Nureta Osananajimi~ Free Download


The main character, Hiroki Izumo, is a college student who is tired of living in the city. I went home to the countryside during the summer vacation. My parents are away from the countryside, and only my grandmother remains in my parents' house. By the way, Hirogame is a rain man. I was suspicious of going to the clouds since I got off the train today.
I quickly headed to my parents' house and evaded the evening with a close call. Inaba Usaki, a soaked childhood friend, is back there. "Welcome back! Hirogame! Nice to meet you again from today!" One summer, the two are under one roof. A bright and cheerful interaction with a childhood friend unravels the hero's heart. And the favor goes to love--


Title: Koiyasumi ~Yuudachi ni Nureta Osananajimi~
Release: 2021-08-27
Length: 2-10 hours
Developer: RE:creation
Publisher: RE:creation
Genre: Romance



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