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Amairo Chocolata 2 - Cabbage Soft

Yunagicho, a town lined with Western-style homes. The previous autumn was when Yuzuki came to this town and met the animal eared girls and started working with them at Cafe Setaria.
The day after Christmas, he meets a lost girl looking for a traditional sweets shop. He finds the shop, which is run by her sister and that’s when he realized that they sported magnificent rabbit ears!
Suddenly, Yuzuki finds himself working at both the cake shop, Sweet Tail and the newly opened sweet shop, Mochizuki and his days just keep getting busier. But he continues to do his best in the fun and lively days he spends with these animal eared girls.


TitleAmairo Chocolata 2 Aliasesあまいろショコラータ2 Play timeMedium DeveloperCabbage Soft PublishersCabbage Soft GenreSlice of lice, Comedy, Romance Age rating18+
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