Uchi no Aruji wa Youkai no Rule o Shiranai Free Download


There are six rules that were established so that humans and yokai can co-exist:
You must never harm a human. You must never show your true form to a human. You must obey the laws that humans have made. You must never enchant a human. You must never have children with a human. You must never bring a human into yokai territory.
The Minatsuki family has existed peacefully in the human world and has prospered by obeying these rules. This is a story about Airo, the only daughter of the head of the Minatsuki family, the Minatsuki family butler, Raito, and the head maid, Fuuka.
Contrary Airo can't honestly express her feelings and bosses people around. Fuuka has a stiff exterior but can't help teasing whenever she sees an opportunity. This is how they spent their peaceful, everyday life.
One day an incident occurs in the town where they live. Onizou Mitsuki, the head of the household, asks Raito and Fuuka to protect Airo. The two of them must now stay by her side day and night. They accompany her, not just inside of the mansion, but at school as well.


Title: Uchi no Aruji wa Youkai no Rule o Shiranai
Length: 10 Hours
Developer: Azarashi Soft+1
Pubilsher:Azarashi Soft+1
Genre: Romance



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