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Little sick girls complete pack.
The protagonist, Akito Horyuji, is a second-year student at the school who suffers from a late onset of chunibi disease. He is a typical young man in pain who is devoted to manga, video games, and anime, and gets off on spouting lines from them. He has a reputation for being a disappointingly good-looking guy, even though his looks and voice are of a high standard. But Akito, who is in the midst of his chuunibyou phase, dismisses these reputations as just the ramblings of the mundane and says, "I'm not a good-looking guy. Today and today again, in the club room of the school's anige club, with my best friend "Jan" (Shunta Januno) They were engaged in heated discussion battles about bishojo games, light novels, moe anime and manga.
Then one day, Akito is in the company of classmates Eri Yoshino, Ringo Takaiido, and Momo Aiba, a junior and childhood friend, when he discovers that the two are not only friends, but that they are also the same person. Suddenly, they are plunged into a rear-end life. Akito is loved to excess, Akito is desired to excess, and his excessive desire is ......ADS! Akito is caught up in a dazzling world of lust with the girls of LSG in situations that resemble those of a novel or a bishojo game.


TitleLittle Sick Girls ~Complete Pack~ AliasesLittle Sick Girls ~コンプリートパック~ダウンロード版 Play timeUnknown DeveloperLass Pixy PublishersLass Pixy GenreRomance Age rating18+
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