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They say I'm a guy who doesn't understand human emotions at all. But really, who actually does?
The start of summer: Aiuchi Shuuta, a second year at Hokumakidai Academy, is the smartest student in his grade. However, he loses this title for the first time. A girl, Arimura Romi, climbed her way to the top, while continuing to publish cutting-edge research papers online. She's a very mysterious girl: the textbook definition of an enigma.
And thus, Shuuta seeks Romi's help on a certain matter.
"Aiuchi Shuuta" and "Arimura Romi" It all started from the meeting of these two geniuses-- a distant summer adventure begins.


TitleEinstein Yori Ai o Komete Aliasesアインシュタインより愛を込めて Play timeMedium DeveloperGLOVETY PublishersGLOVETY GenreSchool, Slice of life, Science Age rating18+
Japanese Version
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