Visual Novel Translator

Have you ever tried to play raw visual novels? sometimes we really want to play a visual novel but because the visual novel is still in Japanese, so we can not or do not understand what language is being discussed in the visual novel .

Fortunately there are several tools available so that the visual novel can be translated into English / Indonesian.

Previously, thank you to everyone who made this tool that makes it easy for visual novel lovers to read their favorite visual novels.

1. Textractor
One of the most "light" tools and also "Easy to use, Textractor itself is now the most popular and often used by visual novel lovers because it's free + lightweight + and certainly easy. 

- First download the application here
- Open the application and select the "x86" folder because most visual novels use x86
- Select Textractor.exe Then several windows will open from the program. go straight to "Extension" 

- There are several Translation options available. like, Google, Bing and DeepL. The default is Bing. If you want to change from Bing or delete it. You can click "Bing Translate" then press the "Delete" button on your keyboard.

- To add the translation you want, you just need to right-click in the Extension box then select "Add Extension" and select one of the "Google Translate" "Bing Translate" "DeepL Translate" (For myself, I prefer DeepL because the transition is very good but unfortunately there is a timeout. (Maybe in the future someone will give the developer a DeepL premium account)

- Select "Attach to game" and select the visual novel that you are running or playing.

- Then click on the "Drop down menu" and select the output code "In accordance with the Text in your visual novel

- For drop down the menu, find the menu that matches the text on your VN.
- Click on your visual novel name you are currently playing, then see if the text on VN and on the Textractor. if it was same then well done.

For Tutorial using Visual Novel Reader you can check it here.