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Hakata Dyingzombies ~Second Chance for Beautiful Live~ - AKABEiSOFT3

Shura no Kuni, Tombata. A city full of zombies.
Zombies have no future. The days of devoting themselves to harsh labor just to live.
But even in such a world, there were girl zombies who never lost their dreams.
A hero of Marucotan, a former agent of an intelligence agency, who lives leisurely in the country of Shura. I met a girl zombie aiming to become an idol from a strange thing, He found what to protect and supported them, Start fighting again to save someone.
Gather your friends and deepen your bond. In order to raise funds for activities, he sometimes even tackles harsh zon business. We experienced flashy failures and successes at the same time in our first live. Behind the scenes, the protagonist secretly handles the Mafia blockage.
A rotten life? No, even zombies can shine! On stage they prove that they are alive.


TitleHakata Dyingzombies ~Second Chance for Beautiful Live~ Aliases墓多DYINGZOMBIES~Second Chance for BEAUTIFUL LIVE~ Play timeMedium DeveloperAKABEiSOFT3 PublishersAKABEiSOFT3 GenreComedy Age rating18+
Japanese Version
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