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Takuma had many fond memories of the town where he used to live as a child and he wished to return there one day. He worked hard to pass the entrance exam for the only school in the town and successfully achieved his long-cherished dream! He moved back to the town for a new start, planning on living by himself in his childhood home, but it was in such a dilapidated state that it was essentially uninhabitable. Without the money to look for a temporary residence, Takuma was at a loss as to what to do. Fortunately, his childhood friends came to his rescue! While he couldn’t live with them forever, he was welcomed to stay in the four families’ homes on a rotation system. One of them strongly objected to it, but she was persuaded in the end. Thus begins a very peculiar ‘revolving temporary residency life’.


TitleKarigurashi Renai Aliasesかりぐらし恋愛 Play timeMedium DeveloperASa Project PublishersASa Project GenreComedy, School Age rating18+
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