Visual Novel Offline Translator

Hello guys!, Welcome to DesoNovel first post. If you ever want to play Visual Novel but the game is using japanese langsunge and you don't understand the languange, Just Relax because Kyoko Senpai have a way so that you can play it with english languange by using Machine Translator.

But you need some application make that happens. Visual Novel Reader, Lec Power Translator or Atlas V14. If you don't have it you can download it Here, but if you already have it you can follow this tutorial.
1. Change your Date and time before December 2010 (For Atlas Only)

2. Install Atlas V14
The first thing you need to do is installing the Translator!, here i will show you how to install Atlas V14 because Lec Power Translator is very easy to install than Atlas. Install Atlas V14 Normally (If the Installation is finished don't open it)
3. Copy the Crack
Copy the 2 file inside "Crack" Folder into Atlas install destination.

4. Extract and Open Visual Novel Reader
Visual Novel Reader is a portable program so you just need to extract it from the Package and then Open it in desktop Reader - Visual Novel Reader - Visual Novel Reader.exe (This may take a time don't try to force open it)
5. Activate Atlas And Lec Power Translator
Open preferences "Gear Icon Button", Go to Translation - Translators Scroll down and enable Lec And Atlas
6.  Connect the game with Visual Novel Reader
Open the game you with to play!, Open the game Wizard (Find or Search Blue Icon Button), Select the Windows of running game (Recommended), Press Start and Click the Running Game Window then Next, Next, Next, Commit and Finish. Choose the Text Threads that the Text is very similiar in the Game Text and Press Commit.

7. A black box will appear in the game and ready to translate your Visual Novel into english languange.

Well you can try a different way because there are many way to use offline translator not only just this one. If you have any question or getting problem with it, you can ask it in our Facebook Group Here.